Miss Mexico (1988) was born and raised in Puebla de Zaragoza, also known as Puebla in Mexico. A city where many of the rich tradition involve inspiring food and art. She grew up in a very passionate typical Mexican family with their own traditions. Her grandma was her biggest inspiration and role model who had her own boutique store selling the most fresh spices from Puebla. As a little girl she visited the store every morning before she went to school. Talking to her grandma’s guests and enjoyed the different flavours day in day out. When she got older she even started to work at her favourite
store assisting her grandma. She found her true passion.

This is where her story begins..

At an age of 25 she bought from her first money, earned at her grandma’s shop, a bus to travel through Mexico looking for the latest food trends, art and lifestyle. She visited the most iconic cities, the most hip and trendy restaurants and traditional food markets from the east to the west coast exploring her own finest taste. She wanted to follow her grandma’s footsteps: inspire and entertain people with her food. Food is her happiness. Her way of living. Her lifestyle. What better to bring the pure Mexican flavours to a different continent with a lot of international influences and cultures showcasing ‘her Mexico’. Amsterdam, it was!

With her style and her taste, she was determined that she had to find a unique place to open her own restaurant. Something very unique, something special but definitely adventurous. Coming to Amsterdam she has visited several locations in the heart of Amsterdam, but couldn’t find the right one. Then, she heard about PAND10. A hidden gem, a creative spot and definitely a place she can work with. A place she can call her home away from home. Located in one of the most luxurious buildings in Amsterdam, she fell in love with the concept. This was exactly the right contrast she was looking for. She presented her menu, written on craft paper filled with dirty spots from her extensive trip, to the chefs team behind PAND10. They started to talk, sharing experiences, memories, discussing the different flavours and ingredients. It needed to be so special that no other Mexican restaurant has so far:

MISS MEXICO by PAND10 serving Mexican Street Food and a delicious list of the most extravagant cocktails in an extraordinary location.

This young, adventurous and beautiful girl made her dream come true and she is more than ready to welcome you. Oh, and do not forget: she is the best event planner in town.

A new cocina to die for. There is no way you can miss this.

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